ppc reporting

We have a great product but we don’t know your local market as well as you do, so why don’t we work together?

In our reseller program you don’t actually resell our product. Instead you sell “your own product”. That’s it. You decide the name, the brand, the domain, the price plans and currencies, everything.


Benefits for you
  • You can run a new complementary business without making an investment, thus minimizing risks.
  • You won’t be adding just a new reporting software for Marketing to your portfolio, but a whole new brand of related services around it, like training or reporting services outsourcing.
  • You can benefit from synergies with your current portfolio.
  • You can focus on marketing and sales in your local market (what you do best), while we focus on improving the product (what we do best).
What we do
  • We provide you with your own and independent technical environment to run your own application / service. We personalize the environment to match your brand (product name, logo, domain, etc.).
  • We adapt the user interface so it is available in your local language (or languages).
  • We take care and manage everything related with IT and support you.
  • We train you during the initial set up.
What you do
  • You decide all non-functional aspects of the application / service: name, logo, domain name, price plans and currencies, etc.
  • You market and sell “your product” the way you want it.
  • You support your clients.
  • You may decide whether you want to offer related services like training, custom reports creation or reporting services outsourcing.
How it works
  • You select a market / region and one or two languages for the user interface.
  • Markets and languages are assigned with exclusivity, except for some exceptions.
  • We set up your environment according to your requirements and enable your team.
  • You can start selling and supporting your new product.
Does this sound interesting to you? Email us at resellers@reportingninja.com , tell us about your current business, markets and languages of interest, and let’s talk about it.