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Get all your marketing data into Google Data Studio with Reporting Ninja.

You can use now your custom reports in Reporting Ninja and your reports in Data Studio depending on your clients needs, with just one single product.
All our connectors for Data Studio are included at no additional cost in our plans.

Free trial, easy setup, no CC required

Google Data Studio

This is how it works

Connect your data in Reporting Ninja
  • If you don't already have a Reporting Ninja account, create one and then connect your data sources as if you were to used them in your custom reports in our product.
Create a new data source in Data Studio
  • Select our connector for your data source and enter the API Key associated with your Reporting Ninja account.
Select the connection and the account
  • In your Data Studio data source you will be able to select the connection (created in Reporting Ninja) and the account in that connection to be used.
Visualize your data in Data Studio
  • Your Data Studio report will pull from Reporting Ninja all the requested data.


How much does it cost?

This new feature has been added to all of our plans at no additional cost. All connectors are available and can be used with any plan.

What are the available connectors?

Currently we offer connectors for: Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, LinkedInAds, LinkedIn Pages, Twitter Ads, Twitter Analytics, Google My Business, Mailchimp, HubSpot and Cross-platform reporting.

What are the limits in each plan regarding Data Studio connectors?

Each pricing plan has a maximum number of accounts of each type that can be used in your Data Studio reports. For instance with the Starter plan you can use 10 accounts of each type: 10 Bing Ads accounts, 10 Facebook Ads accounts, 10 Facebook Insights pages, 10 Google My Business locations, etc.

Why using Reporting Ninja connectors?

There are lots of reasons to do it, like that they are affordable and reliable, you can also take advantage of the custom reports in Reporting Ninja, you can use your calculated metrics and your language files in Data Studio, heavy queries results are cached to improve performance, and some others advantages.

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