Turn marketing data into efficient client reports

Build and automate amazing custom reports in a few clicks. Save time, be more productive, impress your clients.

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Automate your marketing data flow so you can focus on delivering value

The integrated approach that eliminates the need for multiple tools, simplifying campaign reporting and data-driven decision making.

UNIFIED data connections

Integrate all your marketing data in one place

Consolidate data sources for a clear, comprehensive view of your performance. Effortlessly centralize and manage your data connections for all the destinations in a single  place.

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Craft tailored reports and set up deliveries in minutes

Quickly transform data into clear visualizations and custom reports for streamlined decisions, with automated real-time insights.

3 Products in 1

Choose a single plan and automate reports in three destinations

Boost client engagement with 3 tools in 1: our own custom reports platform, Looker Studio and Google Sheets. Deliver high-quality, tailored solutions cost-effectively.

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A flexible solution for every need or project

Not all projects are the same, and flexibility is essential. That is why our three destinations to build and deliver reports are included in all our plans at reasonable and affordable prices.

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Custom reports platform

Effortlessly create professional reports using our extensive templates. Enhance your brand with adaptive designs and custom metrics. Also, includes clients a white-label client portal for immediate report access.

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Looker Studio

Efficiently build multichannel dashboards and share insights professionally in Looker Studio. Define queries, adjust fields, set dates, filter precisely, and execute scheduled queries smoothly.

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Google Sheets

Connect with the versatile and user-friendly Google Sheets to centralize your data efficiently. Dive deep into multichannel analysis and intuitively define and schedule your queries for streamlined insights.

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Integrate data from all the sources you work with

Reporting Ninja helps you pull granular marketing data from the sources that matter to you.

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Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

I had already worked with other tools, but the balance between automation, customization, and the visuals offered by Reporting Ninja meets all my needs. The ability to integrate data from various marketing channels and turn them into such well-crafted reports saves us a lot of time while enhancing our clients' experience.

Stephanie Barbieri
Studio 33

Throughout my years in the marketing field, I've firsthand experienced the challenges agencies face when crafting reports for clients. It's essential to have tools that enable effective digital marketing management and brand image strengthening, all while meeting client expectations. Reporting Ninja has proven to be an exceptionally effective and user-friendly solution in this regard.

Marta Meyrick
Marketing Hero

As the leader of a marketing team, we used to spend hours immersed in spreadsheets and gathering data. Thanks to Reporting Ninja, we've transformed that process. Automation has freed up my team, allowing us to focus on what truly matters: crafting effective strategies.

Daniel Kristoffersen
Fox Real Estate