Social Media Reporting Tool

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Social Media reporting tool

Social Media reporting tool

All social media data in one report

Get at-a-glance insights from multiple social networks in one convenient dashboard. Pull data from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Aside from tracking organic performance, your can also your paid campaigns from your Reporting Ninja dashboard. Get reporting insights on impressions, clicks, and spend for each ad campaign so you can measure ROI.

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Understand engagement across platforms

Social media marketing is all about engagement. Are your followers liking, sharing, and commenting on your content? Is your audience growing steadily or declining?

With Reporting Ninja, you can track important metrics such as likes and favourites, comments and replies, shares, retweets, clicks, mentions, and saves - plus many more - all under one roof.

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Social Media reporting tool

Social Media reporting tool

Demonstrate the most important metrics

Each social media campaign will have its own set of key goals and KPIs - post performance, follower growth, engagement rate, etc. With Reporting Ninja, you can quickly zoom in on the most important metrics and tailor your reports accordingly. Customise graphs, charts and tables to present the most relevant data in a clear, concise way.

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White label reporting

We understand that business reports should represent your brand, not ours. That's why white label web reports are a core feature of Reporting Ninja. You can customize the look and feel of reports as much as you want, including logos, fonts, colors and backgrounds – all within minutes. You can also add a custom domain, so your clients never have to see the Reporting Ninja name.

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Website reporting tool

Website reporting tool

Automated templates

Reporting Ninja's automated website reporting templates make it easy to quickly compile data from multiple sources into one comprehensive report. We currently have 20+ integrations and counting. Using automated reporting templates is the key to streamlining your website and digital marketing performance monitoring process. Reports can be generated in minutes and contain valuable insights that would take hours to pull together manually.

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Why use Reporting Ninja for your social media reports


Really easy to use

  • Build beautiful and engaging reports in just a few clicks simply by dragging & dropping the blocks of contents that you need. With our intuitive report editor you can see how your report looks like while you are working on it.

Fully customizable

  • Besides the widget library, you can exactly create the piece of content you are looking for, with the needed combination of dimensions and metrics, the type of chart you want, calculated metrics, add totals, compare periods, apply custom filters, etc. An intuitive wizard will assist you when creating custom widgets.

Scheduled reports

  • Schedule your reports and save a valuable time every week or month. Let Reporting Ninja email directly to your clients the reports that they need.


  • Not only you can include the client or your agency logo in the report, but you can also apply your own brand template, personalizing elements such as the color, type and size of fonts or the colors used in graphs. Cover pages or tables of contents can also be added to reports.

Client portal

  • You can share your reports via PDF and / or you can enable your own branded client portal on a custom domain, so your clients can log in and access their reports whenever they want to.

Multi language reports

  • You can send your clients their reports in their native language by using any of the 16 language files available or creating your own custom one.
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