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Automate and connect your data to Google Sheets

Create dynamic dashboards and say goodbye to manual data input.

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Reporting Ninja for Google Sheets
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This is how it works

Discover the potential of Google Sheets with our add-on

Want to create visually stunning reports, charts, and dashboards effortlessly in Google Sheets? Get started following the next steps.

Install the Reporting Ninja add-on

Open Reporting Ninja in the Google Workplace Marketplace, click Install and follow the installation process, granted the required permissions with the selected Google account.

UNIFIED data connections

Unlock all the potential of Google Sheets

Reporting Ninja add-on for Google Sheets allows you to effortlessly and intuitively import data from marketing and advertising platforms, automating the process for a smooth integration. With our add-on, you can leverage Google Sheets' robust capabilities to analyze and visualize your data, making data-driven decision-making a breeze.

Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to streamlined insights and enhanced productivity.

Reporting Ninja add-on for Google Sheets
Google sheets add-on benefits

Take advantage of our add-on for Google Sheets

Effortlessly automate data import with our add-on and use the robust capabilities of Google Sheets to analyze and visualize it the way you want it.

Operational efficiency

  • Automate and refresh marketing reports with ease
  • Set up queries with a user-friendly UI
  • Obtain exact data quickly for actionable insight

Integration and accessibility

  • Easily import data from multiple sources
  • Reliable integrations
  • Have access to all necessary dimensions and metrics

Depth of insights and data freshness

  • Get real-time data: no need to wait for data population
  • Accuracy and precision of information in a matter of minutes

Cost efficiency and profitability

  • Reliable and affordable integrations
  • Time, resource and financial savings through automation
Ready to become a ninja marketer?

Integrate data from all the sources you work with

Reporting Ninja helps you pull granular marketing data from the sources that matter to you.

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