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All PPC data in a single place

Reporting Ninja transforms the complexity of PPC tracking across diverse advertising platforms into a simple process. Our PPC reporting software integrates with industry giants such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and a host of others to bring you a cohesive analytics experience.

Moreover, with Reporting Ninja, you have the flexibility to import your pay-per-click data directly from Excel and Google Sheets.

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Add markup or margin to the cost

As a PPC specialist or agency, you likely base your fees on your clients' PPC expenditure, whether that's total ad spend or a percentage of it. Give your clients full clarity with PPC reporting that includes your agency's margin.

This helps avoid any confusion and makes the agency's fee structure completely transparent.

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Demonstrate ROI

Make it easy for your clients to understand their ROI and ROAS by presenting them in a visual format. Reporting Ninja generates custom ROI and ROAS graphs that clearly explain how much was spent and how much each campaign generated in return.

You can also enable clients to compare their performance across time periods or against other campaigns, helping them to identify areas of improvement and better understand their ROI.

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Brand template in Reporting Ninja

White label reporting

PPC agencies and marketing experts juggle a diverse clientele, each with its unique brand identity. Whether aiming for uniformity across your reports or tailoring each to resonate with individual client branding, Reporting Ninja streamlines the process with customizable white-label PPC reports.

Ensure every analysis is clear and aligns closely with your client's brand identity.

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Automated templates

Gain immediate access to the entire collection of PPC templates when you register with Reporting Ninja. Our PPC report templates come equipped with pre-built data visualizations, saving you from the ground-up construction of charts and tables.

Go straight into analysis and storytelling with your data, leaving the tedious setup to Reporting Ninja.

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3 solutions in 1

A flexible solution for every PPC reporting project

Not all projects are the same, and flexibility is essential. That is why our three destinations to build and deliver reports are included in all our plans at reasonable and affordable prices.

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Custom reports platform

Effortlessly create professional reports using our extensive templates. Enhance your brand with adaptive designs and custom metrics. Also, includes clients a white-label client portal for immediate report access.

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Looker Studio

Efficiently build multichannel dashboards and share insights professionally in Looker Studio. Define queries, adjust fields, set dates, filter precisely, and execute scheduled queries smoothly.

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Google Sheets

Connect with the versatile and user-friendly Google Sheets to centralize your data efficiently. Dive deep into multichannel analysis and intuitively define and schedule your queries for streamlined insights.