PPC reporting tool

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PPC reporting tool

PPC reporting tool

PPC data in one report

Reporting Ninja simplifies PPC monitoring across ad platforms. Our PPC reporting software directly integrates with major paid advertising platforms including Google Ads, Bing Ads and much more.

You can also export paid ad data from Excel and Google Sheets or pull data from your CRM and other sources.

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Add markup or margin to the cost

As a PPC specialist or agency, you likely base your fees on your clients' PPC expenditure, whether that's total ad spend or a percentage of it.

Give your clients full clarity with PPC reporting that includes your agency's margin and markup. This helps avoid any confusion and makes the agency's fee structure completely transparent.

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PPC reporting tool

PPC reporting tool

Demonstrate ROI

Make it easy for your clients to understand their ROI and ROAS by presenting them in a visual format. Reporting Ninja generates custom ROI and ROAS graphs that clearly explain how much was spent and how much each campaign generated in return.

You can also enable clients to compare their performance across time periods or against other campaigns, helping them to identify areas of improvement and better understand their ROI.

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White label reporting

PPC agencies and marketers often work with a variety of clients, each of which may have its own brand identity. Whether you want to provide a consistent look for all your reports or tailor the design to match each client's branding - Reporting Ninja makes it easy with white label PPC reporting.

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PPC reporting tool

PPC reporting tool

Automated templates

Get instant access to the whole PPC template library the moment you sign up for Reporting Ninja. Our PPC report templates also feature automated data visualisations so that you don't have to waste time creating charts and graphs from scratch.

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Why use Reporting Ninja for your PPC reports


Really easy to use

  • Build beautiful and engaging reports in just a few clicks simply by dragging & dropping the blocks of contents that you need. With our intuitive report editor you can see how your report looks like while you are working on it.

Fully customizable

  • Besides the widget library, you can exactly create the piece of content you are looking for, with the needed combination of dimensions and metrics, the type of chart you want, calculated metrics, add totals, compare periods, apply custom filters, etc. An intuitive wizard will assist you when creating custom widgets.

Scheduled reports

  • Schedule your reports and save a valuable time every week or month. Let Reporting Ninja email directly to your clients the reports that they need.


  • Not only you can include the client or your agency logo in the report, but you can also apply your own brand template, personalizing elements such as the color, type and size of fonts or the colors used in graphs. Cover pages or tables of contents can also be added to reports.

Client portal

  • You can share your reports via PDF and / or you can enable your own branded client portal on a custom domain, so your clients can log in and access their reports whenever they want to.

Multi language reports

  • You can send your clients their reports in their native language by using any of the 16 language files available or creating your own custom one.
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