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UNIFIED data connections

Cross-platform reports

Not only you can have widgets using data from different data sources in the same report, but Reporting Ninja also enables you to combine data from multiple platforms into a single table or chart.

Get an integrated view of your campaigns in all your advertising channels by adding cross-platform widgets to your reports.

Cross-platform custom report
Cross-platform custom report
Cross-platform custom report

Blend your ad campaigns data with GA stats

You can also combine your ad platform data with Google Analytics data to gain a complete overview of your marketing efforts.

By using the appropriate filters, you can blend in the same table Google Analytics stats with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.

How Reporting NInja can help

Why use Reporting Ninja for your cross-platform reports

Start your report automation journey with Reporting Ninja.

Realy easy to use

Build beautiful and engaging reports in just a few clicks simply by dragging & dropping the blocks of contents that you need. With our intuitive report editor you can see how your report looks like while you are working on it.

Fully customizable

Besides the widget library, you can exactly create the piece of content you are looking for, with the needed combination of dimensions and metrics, the type of chart you want, apply custom filters, etc. An intuitive wizard will assist you when creating custom widgets.

Scheduled reports

Schedule your reports and save a valuable time every week or month. Let Reporting Ninja email directly to your clients the reports that they need.

Custom branding

Add your or your client's logo and apply brand colors, fonts, and graph styles. Enhance with cover pages or contents tables.

Client portal access

You can share your reports via PDF and / or you can enable your own branded client portal on a custom domain, so your clients can log in and access their reports whenever they want to.

Multi language reports

You can send your clients their reports in their native language by using any of the 16 language files available or creating your own custom one.