HubSpot reporting tool

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HubSpot reporting tool

HubSpot reporting tool

HubSpot report template

When working on your HubSpot reporting, you can save a valuable time by using a predefined HubSpot template. Of course you can as well build your own templates reusing the existing ones or starting from the scratch.

Templates also facilitate the maintenance and the modifications of the template based HubSpot reports, as you just need to make the modifications once in the template.

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HubSpot Web Analytics monitoring

Easily monitor HubSpot Web Analytics metrics with our Hubspot reporting dashboards, so you can take actions to meet your objectives.

Besides the predefined widgets in our library, you have full flexibility to build your ones using any of the metrics offered by the HubSpot API.

Your HubSpot Analytics widgets can flexibly be filtered by any of your analytics views or by your desired combination of sources.

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HubSpot reporting tool

HubSpot reporting tool

Optimize your HubSpot email campaigns

Examine your emails and share the most relevant metrics with your clients, including engagements, open and click rates, bounces, delivery confirmations, and many more.

Track your emails by campaign and analyse the performance by device type.

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Track your contacts

All your HubSpot CRM data at your fingertips. Report on your contacts and track their lifecycle stage.

With our custom reporting tool for Hubspot you can flexibly search your contacts by lifecycle stage, creation date / stage change date and contact owner.

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HubSpot reporting tool

HubSpot reporting tool

Monitor deal pipeline

Oversee your pipeline in HubSpot at any time and make sure your deals aren’t slipping through the cracks.

Look for your deals by pipeline, stage, creation date / close date and deal owner.

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How to set up our HubSpot integration


Go to the data source area

  • After signing into Reporting Ninja, proceed to the data sources area (third option in the left hand side menu).

Click "Connect account"

  • Scroll down a bit in the data sources area until you locate the button "Connect account" for HubSpot.

Select your HubSpot account

  • HubSpot will automatically integrate the account you're logged into at If you have multiple HubSpot accounts, we recommend you go to first, and log out there prior to connecting HubSpot to our platform.

Click "Connect app"

  • Review the permissions requested by our app and then click the button "Connect app".

Connection listed

  • Once the emerging window closes down after granting the authorization, the selected HubSpot account will appear listed as a new connection.

Create report

  • You can now create a new report from the scratch or use the predefined HubSpot template.
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