October 3, 2022

Instagram metrics you need to track to understand your performance

Instagram metrics you need to track to understand your performance

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms in recent years. Not only can we use it to share our photos and videos, but we can also use it to promote our business to other people.

However, to get the most out of Instagram, you must track several primary metrics closely. Don't worry because monitoring them can bring you closer to your target audience.

Let's go through the basics of Instagram metrics and how your organization can maximize them effectively. We'll discuss each important metric in detail, so keep reading.

What are Instagram metrics

What are Instagram metrics?

Thousands of businesses promote their products and services on Instagram through posts, stories, and reels. However, not all promotional strategies are effective. Some just can't capture the eyes and minds of their target audience.

That's where Instagram metrics come into play.

Instagram metrics measure the performance of a particular content released by a company. They monitor how well or poor your overall reach, impression, and engagement are. They can also show you whether you've improved your follower database and website traffic.

While there are several Instagram metrics you can use, there are nine metrics that we recommend keeping track of. They include the following:

  • Follower growth rate
  • Instagram engagement metrics
  • Engagement rate by followers
  • Instagram impressions
  • Instagram reach
  • Top posts
  • Link clicks per post
  • Active hours
  • Days of activity
  • Comments per post

By closely monitoring each Instagram metric, you can ensure that your company or client conducts the most effective ways to promote their products or services. Your online promotion and marketing investments won't also go to waste.

Why you need to track Instagram metrics

The main driver of why businesses need to track their analytics for Instagram is to ensure that their releases are aligned with their target audience. When this happens, you can expect an increase in brand awareness, website traffic and conversions such as email sign ups, contact forms or products purchased.

In simpler words, the better your Instagram metrics, the more benefits your company will receive. Here's a list of the advantages you'll have when you carry out a comprehensive marketing strategy on this platform and why they are important to measure:

  • Efficient use of investments
  • Achievable goals
  • More catered content
  • Better brand awareness
  • Increased website traffic
  • Improved revenue

1. Efficient Use of Investments

If you keep track of your Instagram metrics, the investments for your online promotion and marketing strategies won't go to waste. That means you're effectively using your resources and funds.

For example, you may be paying a lot for digital tools and software that may not be as effective as you think. But if you know which techniques work best for your company, you can focus on those strategies instead.

Achievable Goals

2. Achievable Goals

Every company has Instagram KPI metrics that let them measure their performance and overall progress towards their corporate goals. If you want to become one of the leading shoe distributors online, you can check these metrics and see how they match that particular objective.

If these Instagram metrics and your objective don't match up, you can adjust your online promotion and marketing strategies. But if they do, you can continue releasing similar types of content.

3. More Catered Content

Another advantage of measuring metrics is that it allows you to identify the type of audiences interacting with your content. You'll also get a feel of the kinds of releases they want to see on your Instagram profile.

For example, a company that has decided to release a video about its services can track its audience engagement rate by reach.

If it has a high reach, they can consider producing similar content. But if it doesn't, the company may want to explore different online promotion and marketing strategies.

Better brand awareness

4. Better Brand Awareness

Better online promotion and marketing techniques result in improved brand awareness. That simply means more people are aware of your products and services. And, of course, the more they know about your company, the more inclined they'll be to support your offers.

5. Increased Website Traffic

Potential customers who lurk in their Instagram accounts will find your company's products and services much easier and faster because of your effective releases. There'll also be a higher chance for them to visit your account and browse through what you can offer.

Improved Revenue

6. Improved Revenue

If you mix better brand awareness and increased website traffic, you'll get more revenue and profit. The primary reason behind this is that more people will avail of your products and services.

Instagram metrics to track for success

There are many benefits to tracking your Instagram metrics. But they all lead you closer to success. Here are the best metrics to look out for in the future:

Follower Growth

1. Follower growth rate

One metric that you should monitor is your follower growth rate. Make sure not to confuse this with your Instagram profile's total number of followers because this metric is the growth of your followers over time.

A high and consistent growth rate indicates that you have an effective online promotion and marketing strategy. On the other hand, a low and inconsistent growth rate may mean that there's something wrong or missing with your current techniques.

2. Instagram engagement metrics

Apart from your follower growth rate, you must also monitor your engagement metrics, including the number of likes, comments, and reposts you have on a post or story. In fact, this metric is probably one of the most used and insightful things to look out for.

Remember that high numbers of likes, comments, and reposts indicate a good campaign and brand awareness. It may also lead to better website traffic.

3. Engagement rate by followers

If you're measuring your total number of Instagram engagements, you may also consider checking your Instagram engagement per follower. This metric can give you an overview of the type of followers you have and their preferred types of releases.  

To compute your Instagram post or Instagram story engagement per follower rate, you can use the following formula:

Your total number of engagements (likes, comments, reposts, etc.)
____________________________________________________________________________________  x 100%
Your total number of followers

Instagram Impressions

4. Instagram impressions

If you want a quick look at the types of content that do well in your profile, post impressions are the way to go. They measure the number of times your content was shown to other people, regardless of whether it's a post or story.

For example, a post or story with high impressions is a good sign that your audience loves your content. So the best way to make the most out of that is to release more similar content in the future.

5. Instagram reach

Your overall reach indicates the number of unique users that have seen your post or story in a day. This particular metric can show you how well your brand awareness is and how you can further improve it.

6. Top posts

An effective way of maximizing your online promotion and marketing is to evaluate your top posts. Through Instagram metrics, you'll see which posts are performing well.

You can identify a possible pattern in the kinds of content your audience likes. And from there, you can further refine your techniques.

7. Link clinks per post

If you have eye-catching posts, there's a huge chance that your Instagram audience will click on your content and read through it. That's why another effective metric to check out is the total and the average number of link clicks you have per post.

Active Hours

8. Active hours

To fully maximize your posts and stories, you must know when your target audience is active. Through this Instagram metric, you can determine the best times to release your content.

The more active your audience is, the more potential customers you'll have. That's because they'll have a higher chance of seeing your posts and stories.

9. Days of activity

Besides measuring the active hours of your audience, you can also evaluate their most active days on Instagram. Similarly, this metric will give you a feel of the best times to post your content.

If you see that your audience is most active on Saturdays, then posting a big promotional reel on that day can drive more engagement and reach to your post. Otherwise, posting it on a day when none of your audience is active will be a waste of time and effort.

10. Comments per post

The total number of comments on your post is a strong indicator of a good brand campaign and positive audience engagement. In addition, they show organic reach and activity from different Instagram users.

Depending on the nature of these comments per post, your potential customers may also be inclined to avail of your products or services. It's a good way for your audience to see what you have in store for them.

How to better track Instagram insights

Instagram insights are powerful measurements that indicate your company's online presence and performance. By looking closely into these statistics, you can bring value to every post you have.

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